Co-Exist Rules and Guidelines


This will be an ever-expanding and evolving page based on situations and circumstances. It is broken down into to categories to make finding things easier

Table of Contents
01. Readers
02. Writers
03. Use of Co-Exist the World for Financial Gain

01. Readers

Readers are the Heart of any blog to be successful we have to make the readers happy, and keep the environment friendly for them

1. Readers are free to & encouraged to view & comment on all aspects of the Co-Exist the World Blog Site 
2. Readers are requested to follow and share what they find here with the world. 
3. Readers are expected to maintain a certain level of decency and composure about themselves by refraining from the following activities.

  • Trolling: Willfully acting in a belligerent manner to incite negative and abusive responses from others
  • Flaming: Intentionally insulting writers and other readers.
  • Bashing: Slandering the Blog and the Co-Exist movement either directly on the blog site, or indirectly through your own blog, Facebook,etc.

4. Readers caught Trolling or Flaming will have their post deleted, and possibly their account or IP Address blocked

02. Writers

Writers are the body of a Blog. Regardless of level[Contributor, Author, Editor], Writers are an important and valued asset to the team

1. Writers are asked to post once a week at least.
2. Writers are asked to conform to the following Post Quality Criteria

  • Each post has a minimum 250 word count
    WordPress ‘New Post’ screen keeps accurate word count for you.
  • Grammar and punctuation
    Before posting the ‘Publish’ or ‘Submit’ button, when clicked, will activate a spelling and grammar check for you, please look over this.
  • Material therein is directed to further the understanding of A religion, denomination/tradition, or sect without any form of attack on any form of religious faith.

03. Use of Co-Exist the World for Financial Gain

We all need to make money, it’s understandable and expected. Much information will be offered for free on this site, but some Writers do have private interests related to their own Religious Faith they are selling. Co-Exist the World will also advertise Products and services of a religious or spiritual faith for a monetary Fee.

Writers: Seeking to promote your product or service? Ask yourself these two questions.

  1. Do you sell a product/service that benefits a person’s faith and/or magick?
  2. Are you an Author or Editor Level?

If you answered yes to both of these, please clear it with Kerry for permission and exact details on how.

Non-Affiliated advertisers: Please register for Co-Exist the World’s Official Marketing Partner, this service allows us to guarantee we will be paid for out work and you will receive what you pay for
Blogvertise issues 5 days exactly for an advertising task to be completed before reassigning it. Authors and Editors with an interest in making money with Blogvertise and Co-Exist the World, please Email Kerry for details and to sign up for blog ‘Product Reviews’. All interested will be Emailed the Blogvertise Guidelines on Day 1, and will be given until Day 3 to submit something to the blog, and submit the blog entry’s direct page link to Kerry.
Kerry will review the links to meet both Co-Exist the World’s Post Quality Criteria, and the requirements for the assigned ad.”
The one that most closely meets all requirements will be submitted, the Writer’s Name filed should Blogvertise accept the given link, and upon Blogvertise paying Co-Exist the World, Kerry will contact the Author for PayPal information to transfer 75% of the ad’s pay rate to the writer that earned that money for co-Exist the World, the Remaining 25% belongs to Kerry to make Co-Exist the World a better experience for the readers.


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